So i've been doing a lot of thinking over the last few days which was prompted by a death in our family.

When I went to my mums yesterday we were talking about my grandfather's life, and were looking through photo albums. I found a photo of him during his younger years that has stuck with me (and not because he looks like "Christopher Moltisanti" from the Soprano's).

Photos are important. Not just after you die, but for documenting occasions, telling the story of your life, prompts for remembering the good times. They're a way of keeping people in your life alive, whether they've passed away or whether you've grown apart.

It shouldn't just be about documenting the good times though, they let you reflect on the not so good times and remind you know how far you've come. I feel that way about my earthquake photos. Its not a time I think back on and say "oh that was fun" It wasn't but it reminds me that life will go on, and that taking things one day at a time we got through it all. We're stronger and more resilient because of what we've been through and I don't ever want to go back to being complacent about life.

So what can you do about it? take photos and lots of them, every day if you can because in 40 years you don't want to look back and think "I wish I could remember x thing" or "why wasn't there more photos of myself". Yes that last one is one I'm working on personally, I don't really like being in photos but in my heart I know i'll regret it later if I don't put myself in some more. I might not be happy with how I look but being uncomfortable for a few moments while a photo is being taken is a price worth paying for having memories captured for the future. I don't want to forget.

I feel so blessed that I can take photos, and I don't want to let that gift go to waste.
Wowee I can't believe we're heading back towards Christmas already!

I've just updated some new portraits, and changed the front page a wee bit. I'm also aiming to get some of the sport shots that I've taken of roller derby here in Christchurch uploaded after this.

The next few months I have a few ideas lined up, and i'm hoping to get more experience in certain area's along the way. My friends have been wonderful in being willing photo subjects.

Other than that its been crazy life as normal. I've had some dental surgery and i'm going in for some more next month (so if you don't hear from me for awhile that might just be the reason) BUT i'm hoping that I can reduce my recovery time by getting myself as healthy as I can pre-surgery.

Things are still a little rocky here in Christchurch, we had a small 3.7 shake earlier which wasn't too bad considering some we've gone through, it was the fact that it was one of the ones that feels like everything around you has been dropped from a great height - and the noise, the noise isn't that great either. My heart was pounding for a good 10 minutes afterwards! but all is okay now.

Winter is still hanging on with a tight grip, its going down to 1 degree c tonight brrr.... I think on that note I'm going to finish uploading pics, and have a foot spa while I read. I think after all the running around this week I deserve it!
Wow is all I can say, how can it be december again? it feels like only a couple weeks ago we were going through our first christmas after the quakes, with no idea of what we had ahead of us.

Its been a crazy year thats for sure, but while there's been sadness, loss and set backs there has also been a lot of amazing and fun things happening. I visited Nelson with hubby and a dear friend, I got a new camera (Canon DSLR 600D aka Canon rebel T3i) and I love it. I've been doing some experimenting with it when I can find the time (which admittedly isn't as often as i'd like).

I'm also getting some photo opportunities via my work, i was asked to take photos at our opening day with the big bosses, i'm doing the photos for all the team members for the team member of the month board etc. So thats quite awesome.

For my birthday this year my dad is paying for me to get one of my photos printed on canvas!!! which is a huge thing for me, and i'm really excited - i've wanted to do this for a really long time. Now I just have to decide what one to get done :)

Well I should go and get some of my photos posted, I've taken so many since I last updated this site (sorry about that!), hopefully 2012 will be a better year for that!
So I've had a fun couple of weeks! with my temporary work location being closed due to snow.. again! then there was the work conference last weekend (fabulous fun!).

In regards to my website, I've since added some new photos of Christchurch, these are earthquake related - so please be warned that some people could be distressed by photos of damaged buildings.

Still working away on my secret projects, hopefully they'll be happening soon. We had a small set back on one of them but that wont phase us! we're kiwis, we'll find a creative way around it.

I've been studying technical type information about camera's and how they work - great fun! Can't wait to test out some of this information and test the limitations of my current camera with this new knowledge.
As you can see I've added a lot more content over the last two days. All pages have photos on them (with the exception of the Writing page, which will contain some samples of my writing folio).

I had a really sweet compliment from a friend tonight, she saw my lemon photo (on the main page) and said "if that was up for sale, I'd buy a print for my wall". I really do have wonderful friends.

Now that this website is getting whipped into shape, I'm starting to think ahead to future projects (and that notebook of ideas of mine), and it fills me with excitement. I have a couple of ideas on the go, with props and models being arrange though due to work commitments there's no promise on when these can be completed and uploaded to the site. If you do have any requests or questions PLEASE feel free to email me at katdakiwi at gmail dot com or leave a comment here.

Well thats all for me tonight folks, I'm off to relax and read for a wee bit before bed 
Welcome to my blog!

Unfortunately due to life situations lately I let this website lapse. I am hoping that the future will allow me the time and energy to maintain this site.

Things have been pretty crazy in my hometown lately. We've experienced over 7500 aftershocks since september 2010. So as you can imagine I've had a lot on my plate. BUT today is a new day and I can only go forward from here with the intention of trying to build this website to its full potential.