As you can see I've added a lot more content over the last two days. All pages have photos on them (with the exception of the Writing page, which will contain some samples of my writing folio).

I had a really sweet compliment from a friend tonight, she saw my lemon photo (on the main page) and said "if that was up for sale, I'd buy a print for my wall". I really do have wonderful friends.

Now that this website is getting whipped into shape, I'm starting to think ahead to future projects (and that notebook of ideas of mine), and it fills me with excitement. I have a couple of ideas on the go, with props and models being arrange though due to work commitments there's no promise on when these can be completed and uploaded to the site. If you do have any requests or questions PLEASE feel free to email me at katdakiwi at gmail dot com or leave a comment here.

Well thats all for me tonight folks, I'm off to relax and read for a wee bit before bed 

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