Wowee I can't believe we're heading back towards Christmas already!

I've just updated some new portraits, and changed the front page a wee bit. I'm also aiming to get some of the sport shots that I've taken of roller derby here in Christchurch uploaded after this.

The next few months I have a few ideas lined up, and i'm hoping to get more experience in certain area's along the way. My friends have been wonderful in being willing photo subjects.

Other than that its been crazy life as normal. I've had some dental surgery and i'm going in for some more next month (so if you don't hear from me for awhile that might just be the reason) BUT i'm hoping that I can reduce my recovery time by getting myself as healthy as I can pre-surgery.

Things are still a little rocky here in Christchurch, we had a small 3.7 shake earlier which wasn't too bad considering some we've gone through, it was the fact that it was one of the ones that feels like everything around you has been dropped from a great height - and the noise, the noise isn't that great either. My heart was pounding for a good 10 minutes afterwards! but all is okay now.

Winter is still hanging on with a tight grip, its going down to 1 degree c tonight brrr.... I think on that note I'm going to finish uploading pics, and have a foot spa while I read. I think after all the running around this week I deserve it!

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