Wow is all I can say, how can it be december again? it feels like only a couple weeks ago we were going through our first christmas after the quakes, with no idea of what we had ahead of us.

Its been a crazy year thats for sure, but while there's been sadness, loss and set backs there has also been a lot of amazing and fun things happening. I visited Nelson with hubby and a dear friend, I got a new camera (Canon DSLR 600D aka Canon rebel T3i) and I love it. I've been doing some experimenting with it when I can find the time (which admittedly isn't as often as i'd like).

I'm also getting some photo opportunities via my work, i was asked to take photos at our opening day with the big bosses, i'm doing the photos for all the team members for the team member of the month board etc. So thats quite awesome.

For my birthday this year my dad is paying for me to get one of my photos printed on canvas!!! which is a huge thing for me, and i'm really excited - i've wanted to do this for a really long time. Now I just have to decide what one to get done :)

Well I should go and get some of my photos posted, I've taken so many since I last updated this site (sorry about that!), hopefully 2012 will be a better year for that!

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